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When it comes to Kylie Jenner, everything she does is super luxurious and of course, the star had to show off her new pair of sandals that cost a whopping $76,000, on Instagram. The shoes were created by MSCHF, a brand from Brooklyn, who created a pair of fake Birkenstocks using leather from Hermès Birkin bags. The brand called the shoes, Birkinstock as an homage to the famous Birkin bags from Hermès, and the box they come in is even orange, just like the high fashion brand. The pebbled leather details with the gold writing that matches Hermès, are super exclusive. Luckily, you don’t have to splurge to get a similar pair and we rounded up five of our favorite pairs that resemble the shoes but are less than a quarter of the price, and you can shop them all below.

Kylie Jenner now owns the $76,000 Birkinstock, the ONLY PAIR ever made combining the Hermes Birkin and the German sandal brand Birkenstock.

Would you buy these for $76,000? I have 2 pairs of Birkenstocks and i got them on sale at an outlet for about 40 dollars each.#WhatsTheG

— g3 san diego (@g3cafe) February 17, 2021

Just like Kylie’s Birkenstock sandals, these slides have gold buckles and black leather. These shoes are made from Iron Oiled Leather and they even have a leather sole. We love the look of these because they can be dressed up or down. $94,

Another option of Birkenstocks is this pair with silver buckles. They have over 26,000 positive reviews which means people absolutely love them, plus, they’re available in over a dozen different colors. They’re super comfortable and they have a corked bottom with a suede footbed. $120,

You can’t beat the price of these slip-on sandals that look exactly like Birkenstocks but cost half the price. They’re available in a whopping 24 different colors and they’re made from faux leather with silver adjustable buckles. They’re super comfortable and you’ll want to wear them every day. $35,

Over 1,400 people swear by these slip-on sandals that are not only super comfortable but are also super stylish. They’re available in six different neutral colors which make them perfect to wear every day, plus, we love that the buckles are black so it blends in with the black leather of the shoe. Even better, the sole is made from cow suede leather and is cushioned for extra support. $25,

We are absolutely loving these classic slide sandals with over 18,500 positive reviews. They are available in 24 different colorways and are super cute and comfy. The insoles are made from 100% genuine suede while the other is made with vegan leather. The buckles are jet black to blend in with the shoe and you can rock them with anything from jeans to shorts, skirts, or sweatpants, and manage to look chic. $25,