Stylish Slippers With Real Soles That You Can Wear Outside | HuffPost Life

2022-03-30 08:52:29 By : Mr. Chris Ma

You know the scene: You’re knee-deep in emails you don’t actually want to respond to when suddenly there’s a package to sign for, the trash needs to be taken out and you remember your phone charger is in the car. While you could go to the trouble of putting on actual shoes, you’re wearing pajamas and have no plans to otherwise leave the house. You just need to do some outside stuff before running back inside to watch “Euphoria” while you’re working. You need comfortable slippers with real soles that can be worn outside.

Like buying good dish soap or $14 bottles of wine, indoor-outdoor slippers are something I’ve gotten into as an adult. My apartment is always freezing, and having some fuzzy slippies around is a must. Yet, instead of just glorified socks, slippers with a real sole give you comfort and versatility.

You can wear them out in the world like a pair of shoes, or you can primarily wear them indoors, knowing that you can go grab the mail or take the dog on a walk if you need to. Indoor-outdoor slippers are a simple luxury that instantly make you feel like a European heiress, reclining in a drafty mansion in the countryside. Best of all, they don’t have to break the bank (though I’ll admit, shelling out for an expensive pair feels extra luxurious, if you’re so inclined).

From sherpa moccasins to quilted puffer shoes, we’ve rounded up the best indoor-outdoor slippers across various styles and price points.

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